This is a wiki about FLL (First Lego League) and Robotics.  It will contain stories, background, suggestions, etc... related to joining FLL and working with Mindstorm kits.


This wiki is used by the PA LEGO Robotics Club, a group of parents in Palo Alto helping kids learn about FLL, robotics, programming, science, and teamwork.  So far, the club has run for two years, meeting every two weeks for about two hours during the Spring and Summer, and meeting more often during FLL Season (the fall) for those competing in FLL.  In fall of 2011, the SwineBots (FLLTeam78) and the LightningBolts (FLLTeam6763) competed in the Food Factor Season (Fll2011).  In 2010, the TimeBots -- FllTeam336 competed in the Body Forward Season.


The newest materials (2012 and beyond) are on a new wiki: PaloBots


A full list of the meetings can be found by looking for the ParcMeeting prefix, or just walk from the most relevant meetings below.  Some meetings contain introductions to FLL and resources (e.g. videos) that might help people understand FLL better.  All involve one or more activities like building robots, achieving missions, documenting robots, forming teams, and so on.  The club will also be sending a rookie team to FLL Body Forward.


PARC Meetings

See 'Pages' for the full list.  These are the most relevant and you can walk from meeting to meeting via links.



Resources and Primary Links:


Fun Stuff:

See the meeting notes for more