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Next Meeting: ParcMeeting20100321


Thanks for coming to the meeting last Sunday.  (Thanks to Robin for hosting this meeting).

Major discussions/conclusions so far:


  • Let's set up a club (tentatively,  "PA LEGO Robotics Club" ) which will have a few teams affiliated with it
  • The club will meet every other week for club meetings/events.  Currently on Sundays from 3 to 5 pm.
  • Doreen is kindly offering her garage as the team meeting space (thanks Doreen).
  • Mark will be drafting a club agenda/syllabus for each meeting to prepare teams for 2010 FLL
  • Parents interested in being coach/mentor are: Mark, Rebecca, Niandong,  David, Doreen, Stewart, and Sadhana
  • Parents interested in meeting management/group administration for the club are:  Sadhana
  • Parents interested in fundraising for the club are:  Robin
  • Parents interested in marketing for the club are:  Niandong (self-nomination :-)



Pending Issues:

  • How do we share the coaching/mentoring workload and responsibilities?  
  • What's our criteria to accept new team members and what are their committements/responsibilities?
  • What is the club's expectation for parents of team members - if they can't or don't want to volunteer for the club?
  • What are the objectives and goals for the club in the first year (2010)?




Note that our next team/club meeting will be on Sunday, 3/21.   I recommend Mark/Rebecca to drive this meeting for us if it's okay with you.

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