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Previous meeting:  ParcMeeting20100228

Next meeting: ParcMeeting20100404



March 21st, 2010 -- 3PM to 5PM



The primary agenda will be based on Session-1 at ParcCourse.  


Session-1 is focussed on:

  • Explaining about FLL and Robotics -- In as concrete a way as possible (videos, examples, etc)
  • Doing a fun/simple FLL-like task
    • Robot Activity #1
        • Break into pairs or triplets
        • Build a Good Base Mobile Robot (Tribot, Tank-bot [nxt2.0], etc.)
        • Mission #1 -- Make it cross a table (say 4-feet or 6-feet) and return to its starting position
        • Mission #2 -- Cross the table, turn-around, and return to base
        • Mission #3a -- "Patrol" the table.  Go back and forth until a sensor [your choice] detects something.  Stop patrolling and raise alarm.
        • Mission #3b -- "Patrol" the table -- go around in a square.  If detect, raise alarm for 10 seconds.  Continue patrolling (from where left off).
        • Mission #3c -- Add some kind of shooter.  Raise alarm and shoot
    • Team Activity #1 
        • Done Altogether
        • Describe Why You Like Robots (1 minute or less)
        • Describe one of your favorite robots or robot-like entity
        • Look through the 2009 FLL names (or any others you know) and pick one or more names you like
        • Describe a favorite colour
        • Describe another kind of mascot you think is neat  (e.g. Unipegs)
        • Propose 1 or more team names or team-name ideas
        • Someone write it all down on the Wiki at ParcTeamNames
  • Describing the club and what it is about
    • Purpose: Learn about Robots, Build Cool & Useful Robots, Have Fun, Produce an FLL team
    • Values: FLL "Gracious Professionalism" / Other
      • Gracious Professionalism encourages high-quality work, emphasizes the value of others, and respects individuals and the community. Fierce competition and mutual gain are not separate notions. Children learn and compete like crazy, but must treat one another with respect and kindness in the process.
    • Adults / Coaches: Inspirations and Supporters, not Doers
    • [MLF: Seems like people are asking to postpone this] 
  • Overview of Available Resources (Wiki, Email, Blog, Robots, Table, Camera, etc.)
    • [MLF: Seems like people are asking to postpone this] 



Other agenda topics are likely to be:

  • Next meeting
  • Opinions on ParcCourse
  • Any issues about Wiki / Blog / Git tools, publicness, etc.


2/28 -- Pending Issues:

  • How do we share the coaching/mentoring workload and responsibilities?  
  • What's our criteria to accept new team members and what are their committements/responsibilities?
  • What is the club's expectation for parents of team members - if they can't or don't want to volunteer for the club?
  • What are the objectives and goals for the club in the first year (2010)?



  • Meeting Location -- Doreen's house [location by email]
  • Kids -- How many to attend [Maya, ...]
  • Computers -- How many that are NXT-G setup [Mark = 2, ...]
  • NXTs -- How many [Mark = 1]
  • Floor space for multiple running robots (see Robot Activity #1)
  • Projector or big computer-capable screen? Mostly for YouTube  -- [Mark may have one, but needs to verify working properly]
  • Food
  • Drinks
  • Utensils



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