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Previous Meeting: ParcMeeting20100404

Next Meeting: ParcMeeting20100502



April 18th, 2010 -- 3PM to 5PM



Please bring some kind of mobile robot if you have one.  If you have a digital camera that kids can use, that would be great.



The primary agenda will be...  Dissection.  The process of dissecting, documenting, and publishing a robot sufficiently enough for someone to recreate it.


The tentative agenda is:


Other agenda topics are likely to be:

  • Next meeting -- Where, Food, Leader



  • [Check] Meeting Location -- Mark's house [location by email]
  • Kids -- How many to attend [Maya, ...]
  • Computers -- How many that are NXT-G setup [Mark = 2, ...]
  • NXT or RCX Robot -- How many [Mark = 2]
  • Cameras [Mark = 1+, ...] 
  • [Check] Floor space for dissecting running robots (see Robot Activity #2)
  • [Check] Projector
  • [Check] Food, Drinks, Utensils


Dissection Teams

The following are the documentation from the dissection teams:


Some of the uploaded images are sorted at:

   * http://fller.pbworks.com/browse/#view=ViewFolder&param=ShooterBot 

   * http://fller.pbworks.com/browse/#view=ViewFolder&param=CamelBot

   * http://fller.pbworks.com/browse/#view=ViewFolder&param=LlamaBot





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