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Previous Meeting: ParcMeeting20100725

Next Meeting: ParcMeeting20100822



August 8th, 2010 -- 3PM to 5PM



None.  Feel free to bring a mobile base, and we may study attachments to it.



The primary agenda will be...  "Field Set".  I received the "Body Forward" field set, which has a number of interesting devices on it.  We will be building the Field and then interacting with it as much as possible in the time.


Details -- Field Set 

  • Building
    • Break into pairs or triplets
    • Build a part of the field set based on the diagrams
    • Make sure the field item 'makes sense' and can be located on the mat. 
  • Interacting (after field is built)
    • Study the field and pick an obstacle
    • Think about what it might be for
    • Create an apparatus (arm, pusher, etc.) that would work with the obstacle



  • [Check] Meeting Location -- Doreen's house [location by email]
  • Kids -- How many to attend [Maya, ...]
  • Computers -- How many that are NXT-G setup [Mark = 2, ...]
  • NXT Robots -- How many [Mark = 2]
  • Cameras [Mark = 1+, ...] 
  • [Check] Floor space for running courses
  • [Check] Projector
  • Food, Drinks, Utensils -- 



About 90% of the Field Set was put together.  See some of the results at:



Those two remaining trays represent about 10% of the pieces that were in the box!





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