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Previous Meeting: ParcMeeting20100905

Next Meeting: TBD



September 19th, 2010 -- 3PM to 5PM



Please review the previous meetings images (ParcMeeting20100822 , ParcMeeting20100808 ) and the materials at:

   * http://www.firstlegoleague.org/media/twocol.aspx?id=247

   * http://www.firstlegoleague.org/media/twocol.aspx?id=250

before the meeting.  Also feel free to bring a mobile base, and we may study attachments and logistics with it. 



The primary agenda will be...  "FLL 2010 Season Course and Kickoff".  Now that the details of the Body Forward challenge field, missions, and project are up, we will go through the field and missions [inside the real arena], and start having people think about that.  This is also the FLL #336 team kickoff event, so there will be some aspects that are specific to that (e.g. how the team will be run, what Gracious Professionalism is, etc.). 

Note you don't have to be on a FLL Team to join... we are just using the season as a way to bring up topics.


Details -- FLL Season Course and Kickoff

  • Overview of FLL Team #336 Principles
    • Core Expectations 
      • Children will attend most (90% of) meetings as we normalize the hours of them
      • Parents will take on one or more roles on the team and put in hours to help the team progress
      • Everyone will be supportive of the team, its members, its norms, etc. 
    • Schedule Proposal
      • Double the weekly meeting to every week
      • Double the time of the weekly meeting to being 1PM to 5PM [or a bit less.. maybe 1:30PM]
      • Add an alternate/second after-school meeting that is a couple hours 
    • Team Norms
      • This is meant to be a serious (professional), friendly, and cooperative (gracious) team
      • You need to work together productively and respect the diversity of minds among you
      • This is fun -- If it isn't then let someone know and make suggestions for how to make it more fun
      • This is work -- You need to be doing real work and not just using FLL as a party.  Breaks are fine, but we should define them [say a 15-30 minute break if we really have a 3.5 hour+ session]. Homework is real.
      • Treat your teammates well, and try to build a great team spirit
      • Treat everyone else well... meet people at tournaments, etc.
    • Core Aspects/Approaches
      • There will be one "main" team robot, but many copies of that robot that people can work with
      • Weekly progress will be primarily focused on achieving a particular mission -- If a 'pair' can show a good design for doing a new mission, we have progress.  If the team robot can do the mission, then we have true progress.
      • The whole team of five/six will be broken into pairs that will focus on particular missions.  The pairs will be rotating. 
      • Pairs and individuals can go off and work on a mission or obstacle on their own
      • To get the team robot to do a mission requires working with everyone [e.g. six-person buy-in and six-person understanding of what the team robot is doing]
        • So only the whole team touches the "main" team robot.  And every time the main team robot is touched, it should run _all_ the missions it knows how to do [anti-regression testing]
      • The project will be one of the missions to begin with, but is likely to be broken into pieces 



  • Interacting with the field
    • Break into pairs/triplets 
    • There are two obstacles to focus on:
      • Retrieve/Release the Syringe
      • Get to the far side
    • Figure out how you would do it -- and build the physical bot that could do the mission
      • Ideally also program a bot to do the mission
    • After success, work with the other team to unify your two approaches into the main robot
      • If you can do both missions with one robot -- you have complete success



  • [Check] Meeting Location -- Mark's house [location by email]
  • Kids -- How many to attend [Maya, ...]
  • Computers -- How many that are NXT-G setup [Mark = 2, ...]
  • NXT Robots -- How many [Mark = 2]
  • Cameras [Mark = 1+, ...] 
  • [Check] Floor space for running courses
  • [Check] Projector
  • Food, Drinks, Utensils -- 





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