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September 19th, 2010 -- 3PM to 5PM



Please review the previous meetings images (ParcMeeting20100822 , ParcMeeting20100808 ) and the materials at:



before the meeting.  Also feel free to bring a mobile base, and we may study attachments and logistics with it. 



The primary agenda will be...  "FLL 2010 Season Course and Kickoff".  Now that the details of the Body Forward challenge field, missions, and project are up, we will go through the field and missions [inside the real arena], and start having people think about that.  This is also the FLL #336 team kickoff event, so there will be some aspects that are specific to that (e.g. how the team will be run, what Gracious Professionalism is, etc.). 

Note you don't have to be on a FLL Team to join... we are just using the season as a way to bring up topics.


Details -- FLL Season Course and Kickoff