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Page history last edited by Mark Fussell 9 years, 8 months ago



This page has notes about FllTeam336 -- The TimeBots.  This page and its children contain things like:

  • What team names were considered and selected
  • Colors and teams aspects
  • T-Shirt Design 
  • Missions
  • Robot Design
  • Research Project 

etc. during the course of the 2010 season


Related Topics: 


Our Team Summary is:



Our Logo is:



General Information



Team Name: TimeBots or TimedBots

Team Colors: ...TBD...

Team Logo: ...TBD...

Team Clothing:



{Working Notes below here} 

*A: Watch/clock (silver & gold would work really well here), T-Shirts,









our own t-shirt design(silver & gold) for clothing

Team Favorites (Clothing)



Team Clothing Possibilities







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