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Page history last edited by Mark Fussell 9 years, 10 months ago

Notes from the name discussion for FllTeam336


Ultimate choice was TimeBots or TimedBots


Team Favorites (Names, Colors, Topics)


  • A: Names: No snack yet, munchy zone, timebots Colors: blue & silver, silver & gold, Orange & black 
  • D: PARC, TimeBots, Color: Green & White
  • J:   The skeleton crew, Not Really, colors: orange and black or orange and green
  • M: Names: Rookie Doctors, Starving Rookies, Witch Doctors. Colors: Silver and Gold; Green and Silver; Blue and Silver
  • W: No Snack Yet,  The Starving Rookies, Intimidator  Colors: Silver & Gold



  * No Snack Yet, Munchy Zone, Timebots, Skeleton Crew, PARC, Rookie Doctors, Starving Rookies, Witch Doctors, Intimidators


  * J: Skeleton Crew

  * A: TimeBots,  No Snack Yet

  * D: TimeBots, Intimidators

  * M: Starving Rookies

   * W: Initimidators, Time Bots


  * SC, TB, NSY, I, SR

  * W: Time Bots

   * M: ...

   * D: TB

   * J: SC

   * A: TB


   * TB vs. SC -- TB


TimeBots -- TimedBots,  




  * No Snack Yet, Starving Rookies, TimeBots

   * Silver & Gold,  Green & White|Silver, Blue & Silver, Orange & Black|Green , B&W






We crushed the mat

The kilted rookies

The plaid

Munchy zone

Dead Meat


No snack yet

Starving rookies

The intimidators

Munchy mode

We have no name


Flying watermelons

Blue berries

The scrubs

The doctors

The robo dancers

Rookie doctors

Witch doctors

The skeleton crew

The specialists

The robos

The doctors

The robo rookie doctors




Silver and Gold

Blue and White

Yellow and Blue

Yellow and Black

Yellow and Orange

Orange and Black

Red, White, and Blue




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