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Page history last edited by Mark Fussell 10 years ago


See: FllTeam336


Final Shirts (On Zazzle):





Team resolved on:

  * T-Shirt

   * Blue similar to Maya's blue shirt (fairly light color)

   * 'TimeBots' on back

      * Font to be determined

      * Font suggestions: 'Apple Casual', Bauhaus 93, Blackmoor LET, Bradley Hand ITC TT-Bold, Chalkduster, Giddyup, Herculanum (Avatarish), Lucida Calligraphy, Lucida Handwriting, Marlett, Mesquite Std, Party LET, Synchro

         * Winners: Synchro LET, Herculanum, or combined (e.g. Chalk + Bauhaus)

   * Clock (Pocket Watch) in upper left corner of front -- Similar to pocket watch with roman numerals

   * Normal 12-hour face, roman numerals -- Looks like Pocket Watch or Stop Watch

   * Robot running across main part of T-Shirt

      * Design to be determined 

  * Ink Color: Either Black or Purple depending on acceptability of purple 






Some example of fonts


Lucida BlackLetter:



Bunch of others:

Apple Casual, Bauhas 93, Blackmoor LET, Bradley Hand,

Lucida Handwriting, Lucida Calligraphy, Herculanum, Giddyup Std, Chalkduster,

Synchro LET, Party LET, Mesquite Std (x2), Marlett [weird]





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