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Page history last edited by Mark Fussell 10 years ago


FllTeam336 competed as a rookie team at the Blach Middle School qualifier on Sunday, November 14th with 24 other teams.  We got better and better scores:


  • 60 -> 85 -> 115

and overall scored 15th out of 24 teams in the robot games.


We also had a great teamwork, project, and program design score.  I believe we made it into the top 12 or even top 10 of this tournament, and Derek said our scores were great as a rookie team (and even as a team generally).  But only 7 teams were allowed to progress and we didn't make that cut.


Thanks to everyone who helped get the team prepared and to the qualifier.


Team Rubric

I translated the team rubric scorers into a PDF.  The Teamwork and Project were easy to translate (very clear circling).  The Robot design was 'weird' with lots of gaps and strange circle locations, so I am less sure it was translated properly.  But overall, this shows the team did Very Good on average and has certain places they could work next time to do better.  Congratulations.






Photos and Videos

The following URL has a bunch of photos, and the notes reference a few of the Video:




Direct links to the videos are available at:



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