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Previous Meeting: ParcMeeting20110227

Next Meeting: ParcMeeting20110410



March 27th, 2011 -- 2PM to 4PM






The primary agenda is based on Session-1/2 of the ParcCourse, but refined for 2011.  There was already a kickoff with videos (2/27), so some more of those will be shown only as people are interested.


The session is focused on:

  • Understanding the basic components and terminology to building NXT robots
  • Hands on doing it with a fun FLL-like task
  • Maybe a few more videos and FLL explanations 


In more detail for the second item:

  • Robot Activity #1
    • Break into pairs or triplets
    • Build a Good Base Mobile Robot (Tribot, Tank-bot [nxt2.0], etc.)
    • Mission #1 -- Start from base, make it cross the arena to the far side, and then return to base
      • Mission #1b -- Cross the table, turn-around, and return to base
    • Mission #2 -- Start from base, go around the center (far side of man) and get to the other team's far side (that is, left of your base)
      • Mission #2b -- Make it back to base around the man again
    • Mission #3 -- Go until you are within an inch (or closer) of the wall, then return to base.  Knocking over the wall is a failure.
      • #3b -- Wall is moved by 'ref '
      • #3c -- OK, now you can knock over the wall, but still must return to base


JV Agenda 

Great designers steal great designs -- Part Deux.


Review other teams ideas from 2010 competition

 and come up with three or four you think are good ideas.  Then try to reproduce them.








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