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Previous Meeting: ParcMeeting20110424

Next Meeting: ParcMeeting20110522



May 8th, 2011 -- 2PM to 4PM



A mobile base.  We now have four (Thing-1, Thing-2, Llama (a Tankbot), and the 336 set).  There was one additional functional robot last time, a couple quirky ones, plus two from the JV team [depending on their choice of participation].  Ideally would have two+ more well behaved robots, so please build/bring if you can.  


Ideally also has a light sensor facing down.  See the description of the ring at ParcMeeting20100711 , or use a ring like the white practice pad, but note that the contrast of the actual ring will be much less.  You can use additional motors and sensors as desired (up to the 3 motor, 4 sensor limit).


Please also bring a computer with your mobile base or we will likely run out of computers, although it should be better than last time.


Agenda: Rookie and optionally JV

The primary agenda will be... "Queen of the Swamp".  A year ago, the Swamp Tiger dominated the swamp with only a Bulldozer as a natural enemy.  But evolution and natural selection rules the swamp, and now the Swamp Thing is stronger than the Tiger or any that stand before it.  Evolve to survive... evolve to rule.


This will be a very different feeling variation of Sumo Bots.  Robots will be constantly changing [improving], as will teams based on success and failure.  


Details -- Queen of the Swamp 

  • Teams are likely to be pairs at most
  • Start with an assigned team and robot
    • Make sure you understand the robot and it can currently compete in the Sumo ring.  
    • If it can't compete, _finish_ in 10 minutes or less [ time start "now" ] 
    • Make sure it has an awesome combat name and is registered to enter the ring
  • For each robot in 'Combat' mode
    • Compete in the ring against one opponent.  If you lose, give up your life save card and go back to change something about the robot.
    • Compete again.  If you lose again, the senior (#1) member of the team must swap with the senior (#1) member of the winning team and each becomes the junior (#2) member of the teams.  The losing team is now in 'Improve' mode.  The winning team is now in 'Help' mode.
  • For each team in 'Improve' mode and 'Help' mode
    • Work with your defeating team, and improve your robot so it has a good chance of defeating your defeating robot.
      • Propose 1-4 improvements.  Vote on which to use but the 'Helpers' get three votes if they agree. 
    • In 20 minutes or less, go back into the ring.  
    • The 'Help' team should make sure to explain their robot and how it works to the 'Improve' team (and the new #2 team member) 
  • The winning teams are the ones that are _most improved_  -- whether you are the 'Improve' or the 'Help' team.


Agenda: Optional JV (2)

Set up the field set to do:

  • Capsule Push
  • Stent Insert

without putting in any of the other field set elements.  Focus on just those two missions and figure out how to do them with the 336 robot or your own.





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