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Next Meeting: ParcMeeting20110605



May 22nd, 2011 -- 2PM to 4PM



If you have an NXT set, please create a mobile base as similar to FllTeam336RobotDesign as possible.  There are complete schematics at:

  * fll336_all1_v5.lxf -- For LDD ( http://ldd.lego.com/ )

  * fll336_all1_v5.pdf -- As a PDF build instruction set


The large 'walls' are optional since people may not have them available.  Please make sure you have a sturdy front though.  And the type of tire for the drive-tire is optional too.


Alternatively, please have a normal castorbot or tankbot with some reasonable type of attachment area in the front.


Agenda: Rookie

The primary agenda will be... "Robathlon".  There will be a course of 6+ things your robot should be able to do, modeled off the "Body Forward" season.  Give someone bionic eyes, put in a pacemaker and a stent, control a door with your mind, etc.  


Details -- Robathlon 

  • Teams are likely to be pairs at most
  • Start with one of the events/missions for the Robathlon.  People will start on different events and rotate
  • Figure out how the event/mission works -- feel free to ask Team336 members who should be available
  • Create a suitable attachment for the robot... _do not_ alter the main chassis [controller, wheels, etc.], but create new attachments as needed
  • Create a suitable program to do the mission
  • Likely create a jig to help with alignment
  • When you can do the mission twice in a row, you can go to the next event.  


Agenda: JV

Help with the Rookie agenda above for the first 15 minutes -- just make sure people know the different missions


Set up the field set to do:

  • Capsule Push
  • Bone Bridge

without putting in any of the other field set elements.  Focus on just those two missions and figure out how to do them with the 336 robot or your own.




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