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Previous Meeting: ParcMeeting20110619

Next Meeting: TBD



July 3rd, 2011 -- 2PM to 4PM



If you already have an NXT like FllTeam336RobotDesign please bring it.  If you want to build one like it, use:

  * fll336_all1_v5.lxf -- For LDD ( http://ldd.lego.com/ )

  * fll336_all1_v5.pdf -- As a PDF build instruction set


The large 'walls' are optional since people may not have them available.  Please make sure you have a sturdy front though.  And the type of tire for the drive-tire is optional too.


Agenda: Dissection and Reconstruction

The primary agenda will be... "Dissection".  Document your program in LDD so it can be reconstructed 


Details -- Dissection 

  • Break into pairs
    • Take your version of the existing robot (tiger, llama, thing-2)
    • Learn how LDD works and describe the robot in LDD
    • You can dissect ( take apart ) the robot as needed, but make sure to keep track of what you are doing so you can have a complete description of it
    • Upload the LDD of it and put below.




  • You can add the pieces in any order.  Don't think of it as creating a sequence of instructions.  It's more like a drawing.
  • You do need to follow the LEGO rules: pieces must be connected together, not just floating in space.
  • Save early, save often.




Llama Team Version:

   * llama-2.lxf



Tiger Version:



Thing-2 Version:



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