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Previous Meeting [on Wiki, there were actually several since then]: ParcMeeting20110703

Next Meeting: ParcMeeting20111204



August 28th, 2011 -- 2PM to 4PM


Agenda: Kickoff FLL!

This is the really-official kickoff meeting.  We will study items, figure out where they go on the board, view a bit of i.am FIRST, talk about the teams, ...


  • Study the new field set:
    • Study Items -- 
    • Figure out where they might go --
    • Guess what  you might do to them --
  • Talk about the teams and the club:
    • There are currently two teams:
      • #78 [TimeBots] -- Returning team from last year, Mark is primary coach
      • #6763 [Hurricanes or maybe Irenes] -- New rookie team [hurrah!]
    • Likely primary schedule is meeting every week, starting with September 4th.  Initially 2-4PM, later 2-5 or even 1-5.
    • Teams are independent but as cooperative as desired -- meet here, can share ideas, etc.
    • Team members need to make _every_ meeting... maybe missing one or two if a bad conflict occurs [say with a team sport competition]  
    • Club members that are not on teams can come as often or as little as desired.  But need to be helpful to the teams or in pure 'audit' mode.
    • Club agenda will be solely focused on FLL until season is over 
  • Little bit of 'i.am.first'
  • Build the second set:
    • Just be careful not to cross the sets 


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