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General To Do


Oct 9 meeting notes


Oct 2 meeting

  1. Make adjustments to your robot as necessary to be similar to Will's robot base
  2. Think of how to make solve one of these problems with chicken wings:  1) ensuring the wings are well cooked or 2) factory farming.  Do research on one of these topics to see what problems exist. 
  3. Draw a logo design for our team T-shirts.  Something related to "Lightning Bolts", our new team name.


Sept 25 meeting notes

- Mark pointed out a few items to consider on the robot design and program.  If using the battery pack (which is recommended because it can be charged without removing it from the robot), be sure your robot design leaves enough room for it.  Run your program with your batteries fully charged so that the program performs consistently.  Decide which wheels will be used, because the radius of the wheels will affect a program that is using rotations. 

- Kids brainstormed about what issues may exist with chicken wings (* items had the most interest):

Storage termperature – freezer

*Cleanliness – salmonella

Air tight container

**Well cooked

*Chickens cage free

**Factory farming

Packaging – expiration date, no preservatives

Butcher must pluck all feathers off


Sept 18 meeting notes

  1. We have forms from the coaches, and most parents.
    1. Form: http://www.playingatlearning.org/FLL/2011/2011_FLLConsentFormEnglish.pdf.
  2. We selected the "Lightning Bolts" as our team name, after a near-unanimous vote.
  3. For our food safety project, we decided to focus on "Chicken Wings".  We will study related safety issues.
  4. We worked as a group on brainstorming/discussing ideas for all missions.
    1. We'll want a basket/bucket configuration to catch things like bacteria
    2. We'll want a hook to pick up loopy things
    3. We'll want a way to grab the fish.
  5. We broke into 3 teams, and started building contraptions and writing simple programs.


Sept 11 meeting notes


Sept 4 meeting notes



Parent Helper ideas