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FLL Team 78 Project

(Swine Bots)




Our problem is Yersiniosis, a type of Y. entercolita. The disease usually occurs in kids, and causes stomach pains, diarrhea, and other symptoms. A cause of Yersiniosis is pigs being overcrowded and nibbling at each other. (Yes, they eat each other). Our general solution is to make as many pigs as possible free range. Farmer Bernard Smith told us that his free-range pigs don't get Yersiniosis or other diseases. Our innovative solution is to put the pigs into the 70 parks that California is closing so they can have more room, be happier, be free of disease and successfully be free range.  One of the parks we are thinking of is Anderson Marsh State Recreational area, since it is full of oak woodlands, grass-covered hills, and tule marsh.  Two other possible parks are Brannan Island State Recreational area, and Colusa-Sacramento River State Recreational area. We would auction off the land to the highest bidder, and start very low so the farmers could spend more money on the pig's food, comfort, and protection from sicknesses. The pigs would be happier, diseases like Yersiniosis wouldn't even occur, and the farmers would benefit more and WANT their pigs to be happy & healthy. 


Farmer Bernard Smith provided help and inspiration to our solution.   (By the way, their bacon and sausages are really good)


A picture from Full of Life Farm:


A picture of Anderson Marsh:


Overcrowded pigs:



A possible poster:

Let Pigs Fly Free


Presentation Board:



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