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On this public wiki, team members go by a single initial with a number for the two 'D's:

  * A, C, D1, D2, J, M 

  * Related Parents: KG, Brynn, Leo, Jessica, Elke, Mark


All team members should have read through both this year's information:



and review last year's team page: FLLTeam336



The order of activities initially will be something like this:

  * Meet the team.  Members, parents, roles.

  * Review this year's challenge -- thoroughly understand the project and the robot game. 

  * Ideally quickly work through a new/returning name, logo, shirt design, color, etc.

  * Start brainstorming on creative mission solutions, whole board success, etc.  Note this year we are targeting 300+ [maybe even more if the rules go to 450 this year]

  * Start working through the project.  This year the project is very organized & specified, at least the first few steps, so please _just do them_ and do them well, so we can get to the more interesting team-oriented parts of it.  Look for potentially difficult areas or areas you need adult access [say calling up a company]




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