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FLLTeam78 (the SwineBots) competed at a qualifier at JLS on Sunday, November 20th with 12 other teams.  They got better and better scores throughout the day

  • 102 -> 131 -> 146

and overall scored 5th out of the 12 teams.  Their last score was better than the best score they had going into the match in the morning!  The team augmented a mission with an attachment that gave more points after they 'lucked' into those points in the second run, plus they fixed an attachment to be more reliable [for catching rats].  It was an excellent day and a fantastic job.


Unfortunately compared to 2010 (see FllTeam336Qualifier ), the team had a very strange (bizarrely bad) robot design rubric.  Given that rubric and its ripple effect, it is unclear what rank we had overall.  Looking at the scores, awards, and progressions, it seems likely we were 7th overall.  


But to be realistic, this was again a very hard qualifier tournament: many of the teams at this venue are in their third+ year and regularly make it to the regionals.  So we were really competing against the best at a district level and honestly it would be possible but very hard to advance at that level without improving a few things (e.g. making an interactive presentation, more implementation details, and a bit better of a robot).


Thanks to everyone who helped get the team prepared and to the qualifier.  And SwineBots: you did great!  Seriously!  Zoom Zoom Zoom! Oink Oink Oink!


Scores and Results 


Game Score

The team's best-scoring run: 146 Points.

  • 72 -- Baseline
  • 9 -- Fish
  • 4 -- Ocean Poison Ball
  • 12 -- Green Bacteria (no bacteria on mat)
  • 15 -- Our Rat
  • 12 -- Pink Bacteria (no bacteria on mat)
  • 4 -- Land Poison Ball
  • 9 -- Corn In Base
  • 9 -- Truck in Base


Robot Game Score -- Peninsula District Comparison:


SwineBots scored 16th of 93 [with ~30 teams progressing] of results so far in.


Team Rubric

I translated the team rubric scores into a PDF.  


I put in some comments about the rubric into this one.



Photos and Videos




Other Videos




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